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Karma Cartel is a highly interesting film, made by an articulate and developing student of the game and it has a virulent strain of Tarantino (among many others) in its bloodstream.

-Film Inc, London


Karma Code is notable for its style and overall energy. Certain sequences just explode with visual power, and even the opening credits have a unique and wonderful aesthetic to them.

-FilmThreat, U.S.A.


Bharathan coolly wraps his film in gorgeous color photography by Shyju Khalid and an evocative music score by Michael Kristensen. “Karma Code” is an appealing, reflective short film.

-Rouge Cinema, U.S.A.


It’s (LIMBO) a sense that the person behind the camera has skill even if the equipment has severe limitations. 

-Film School Rejects, U.S.A.

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