Avant Garde, Malayalam (Eng subtitled), Featuring Vinay Forrt, Shani Shaki, Jinu Joseph, Sabumon Abdusamad and Rohini Idicula. Directed by Vinod Bharathan.

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GENRE : Drama, Comedy, Avant Garde, Dogme 95
LENGTH : 110 minutes
LANGUAGE : Malayalam (Eng Subtitles)
RELEASED : 2015 Pan-India-Theatrical Limited Release
 Karma Cartel
(2014) on IMDb
Best Director - CinemaVenire Film festival, Rome
Best First Feature - Canada International Film Festival
Best Foreign Film: American Movie Awards


Two friends try to re-unite by going on a road trip to the forests and mountains. Their attempt to reconcile does not go easy due to the secrets they hold, leading to a shocking revelation that ends their journey.

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GENRE : Road Movie, Thriller, Drama, Art-house
LENGTH : 75 minutes
LANGUAGE : English
(2016) on IMDb
PRODUCTION STATUS : Completed - UnReleased

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