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Box-Office Stories

Karma Cartel


Three-time International Award Winning first feature.

  • GENRE: Drama, Comedy, Avant Garde, Dogme 95
  • LENGTH: 110 minutes
  • LANGUAGE: Malayalam (Eng Subtitles)
  • RELEASED: 2015 Pan-India-Theatrical Limited Release/V.O.D. Worldwide VHX.TV 2017


Set in the urban city of South India, Kochi, and filmed in a docu-fiction style, this International award winning and tightly narrated plot of greed, deceit and revenge uses avant-garde methods of filmmaking namely Dogme95.


  • GENRE: Road-Mover, Thriller, Art-house
  • LENGTH: 75 minutes
  • LANGUAGE: English
  • RELEASED: Completed (Doing Film Festival Rounds)

Two friends try to re-unite by going on a road trip to the forests and mountains. Their attempt to reconcile does not go easy due to the secrets they hold, leading to a shocking revelation that ends their journey.


Coffee Break


Coffe Break with a filmmaker

Coffee Break With A Filmmaker – Video Blogs

We are primarily storytellers using our digital creations. We make theatrical length films, short films, video-logs and photos to tell our story. We also take the time to do some small side-projects to iterate on the next big project we were working on. One such side project was Coffee Break With A Filmmaker. The project that late became a favourite pastime pf ours.


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What’s Your Story

         Technology has changed the game.

Yes, and we hear that a lot. We are all aware that the landscape of marketing and consumer behaviour has changed drastically in the recent years.

We are also aware this new trend is here to stay.

What’s your story?

The often overlooked and key part of the equation to conversion for a small or new business is building “trust”.

Let’s build trust.

Trust can easily be built by engaging stories.

Helping you tell your engaging story in a crowded space is what we do.

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