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Approaching Karma Cartel you might think this would be a Bollywood-lite tribute to big Indian cinema. However all is not quite as it seems with Short filmmaker Vinod Bharthan’s Indian genre hybrid of Thriller/Romance/Drama, that has Docu-Drama elements. FILM REVIEW: Karma Cartel (TBC) Reviewed by Jake Bottomley FILM Inc U.K. Director: Vinod Bharathan Cast: Vinay Fort, Jinu […]

From the award ceremony we were unfortunate we couldn't attend due to las minute travel issues.

KARMA CARTEL wins Film Award

Award of excellence in  filmmaking KARMA CARTEL  has won the AWARD OF EXCELLENCE IN FILMMAKING (Foreign Films) at CANADA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2014, Vancouver. The award ceremony will take place at Edgewater Plaza on 29th of March 2014. CANADA International Film Festival Showcasing the very best of independent cinema each year in the heart of […]


GODZONE filming continues

We have currently wrapped up filming the first session of  our second feature film titled GODZONE. The film is a road-movie in the form of an Art-house narrative. The filming of GODZONE was done at Kochi and Munnar. The team behind KARMA CARTEL was of assistance to this project.    


Karma Cartel wins Best First Feature Award.

KARMA CARTEL wins another film award, this time for BEST FIRST FEATURE at AMERICAN MOVIE AWARDS. Originally founded in 1980, the American Movie Awards arose to honor excellence in filmmaking, with winners such as Meryl Streep, Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood, and Steven Spielberg. The awards influenced a generation of ambitious filmmakers with dreams to one […]


Vivek Vilasini creates art about KARMA CARTEL

Vivek Vilasini is a Contemporary artist from the home-town of KARMA CARTEL – Kochi. His works have been exhibited at art galleries world over and owned by well known art collectors around the world. His works have a political twist and pushes the boundaries of the viewers imagination.   Even at the pitch state, Vivek felt […]


Great reception for KARMA CARTEL in India

PREVIEW KARMA CARTEL was previewed by the members and critics of the Cochin Film Society belonging to the hometown of the film itself. The film as well recieved by members and critics and has wished us a successful film festival journey. KARMA CARTEL stood the challenge of its own home audience at the Cochin Film Society […]


Off to Cannes Film Festival ..again !

Yes, we are off to CANNES film festival 2013. We had premiered KARMA CODE, the first film on the KARMA series last year at CANNES 2012. The film was watched by some of the notable and important people in the film industry, This includes Anurag Kashyap (Dev D)  and Mickey O’Hara (Rockn’rolla). Their response to […]


The Punishment screens at Klub Kurz

Our film-noir attempt made in just 48 hours (Video Challenge), was shot entirely in Vinod Bharathan’s living room converted to 1941. The 3-minute short film is a period piece from the times Denmark was under Nazi control. Klub-Kurz, an intimate film-club of Copenhagen Screened The Punishment along with some other shorts to a house-full audience. […]

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Venice in a Limbo

We are really grateful to announce the LIMBO was selected as finalist from among 35.000 videos submitted to  Sony/Userfarm/Circuito Off to be held at Venice. The festival committee invited us to the awards ceremony to be held at Venice. We were given a grand reception and hospitality. The grand event was held at a monastery […]