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We are a film production company that focuses on Avant Garde vision for the project.
So, what about the story?
Well, we are excellent story tellers to begin with. We try the best to tell each new story in its new and unique way. Check the laurels we have collected!



Starting in 2009 as a one man’s vision, by a multiple award winning film director Vinod Bharathan, the projects of Fookdat Productions was supported by hungry and passionate, talent, team and collaborators who shared the same vision.
Beginning from experimental and short films, Fookdat Productions have grown to remarkable heights with its first full-length theatrical feature film KARMA CARTEL being released Nation-wide in India, by the biggest distribution companies of India - PVR Cinemas (PVR Director’s Rare).


We are always working on something, be it past, present or future projects. This keeps our creative fibers in top form.

Our works have won several awards and been to festivals, and have been showcased at film festivals and film-marts around the world, including Marché du Cannes , European Film Market - Berlin and Mumbai Film Mart
We have now taken the step into the cinemas with our full length feature productions since 2014.

Karma Cartel

Feature film : 2014

In a southern city of India, a reporters search for a missing actor, leads to revelation of multiple lives connected to it through greed and bad choices. The three last days before the incident follows the struggling actor, an ambitious filmmaker, a wannabe hustler, an opportunist, a lover and two cinephile thugs, through an inter-twining vignette of their lives.
Best First Feature - American Movie Awards, Nevada, U.S.A.
Award Of Excellence - Canada International Film Festival, Vancouver, Canada.
Best Director - Cinemavverine International Film Festival, Rome, Italy.  Karma Cartel
(2014) on IMDb

Karma Currency

Short Film : 2013

Two policemen confront some rich kids, speeding without license. The police chief lets them go for an easy bribe, but falls into a chain of events effecting everyone at the scene.

The Punishment

Short Film : 2012 (Film Noir)

A man and a woman goes ona date during the Nazi occupation of Denmark.
Official Selection – Scandinavian Film Festival Los Angeles, U.S.A.
Official Selection – Film Noir Festival, Utah, U.S.A.
Official Selection – Aarhus FilmKraft, Denmark.


Short Film : 2011 (iPhone film)

mysterious and hallucinatory revival of a young woman between dream and reality.
Best Film - Circuitto Off/ Sony Userfarm, Venice, Italy.
Best Film - Indiefon Film Festival, U.S.A.

Karma Code

Short Film : 2011

A young Indian tries to escape his bad past by trying to start a new life and career in another country, but his deeds of the past confronts him within.
Official Selection - Ahmedabad International Film Festival
Official Selection - Show Me Justice, Texas, U.S.A.

The Suspect

Short Film : 2010

A man next door has a mask and a gun and is threatening to kill somebody.
Official Selection – Google Plus Un-official (Snag Films) Film Festival, U.S.A.

Regular Jobs

Short Film : 2009

Elliot and Danny are childhood friends who choose the wrong way to grow up. Their choice of profession has one major danger and one of them is about to pay the price.
Official Selection – KURZ Short Film Festival, Germany.

Show Reel

Watch our show-reel of our works from 2009 - 2012. The clips includes scenes from our films Regular Jobs, Karma Code, Karma Currency, Limbo, The Punishment and other experimental videos.


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