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Nothing should come in the way of your creative vision.

We believe in the artist and their visions here at Fookdat Productions. We encourage them to break rules and embrace constraints. We have learnt that these methods have created unique and personal projects.


Fookdat Productions

Fookdat is an attitude. We make films too. We are Copenhagen based filmmakers operating in India and Europe. We produce content that communicates beyond the borders of the language or culture. We are zeitgeist, adventurous, anarchistic, and perfectionists.


Current Projects


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More Info

Karma Cartel is a highly interesting film, made by an articulate and developing student of the game and it has a virulent strain of Tarantino (among many others) in its bloodstream.

-Film Inc, London


Karma Code is notable for its style and overall energy. Certain sequences just explode with visual power, and even the opening credits have a unique and wonderful aesthetic to them.

-FilmThreat, U.S.A.


Bharathan coolly wraps his film in gorgeous color photography by Shyju Khalid and an evocative music score by Michael Kristensen. “Karma Code” is an appealing, reflective short that has a lot of untapped potential and leaves you with more questions than answers. I believe that if it was fleshed out to at least 30 minutes, it would lead to a much more satisfying movie-going experience.

-Rouge Cinema, U.S.A.


It’s a sense that the person behind the camera has skill even if the equipment has severe limitations. Plus, director Vinod Bharathan borrows more than a few angles from the thrillers of the past, and having an attractive, pantsless blonde walking around with a knife is something everyone can enjoy.

-Film School Rejects, U.S.A.